Who We Are

We are a group of 7 unique individuals coming from different nationalities, careers, backgrounds, and experiences. We are 7 Life Coaches united by a strong belief, an endless passion, and aspiring goal.
We are strong believers in humanity, and our ability to continuously evolve as thinkers and doers. LifeTalksLive is a platform reaching out in hopes of positively affecting people’s lives; whether through our 7-minute daily Live videos, or through our Seminars and Coaching Sessions
We are on a mission to rekindle your passions, positively provoke your minds, and provide you with daily insights, strategies, techniques, mindsets, and more.
Every day, one LifeTalksLive Coach will be going Live on Facebook for up to 7 minutes, providing you with daily food for thought as we tackle different topics every week..

Why US?

LifeTalksLive goes far beyond the virtual connection. Here’s a closer look at our scope of services


  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Corporations


  • One on One
  • Group Sessions
  • Skype Sessions


  • Events
  • Conferences
  • Graduations

LifeTalksLive offers a lot more

Who Can We Add Value To

Private Individuals

Challenge your limiting beliefs, fears, bad habits, and future outlook. The 7 Coaches are an email away to assist you with any personal requirements. Schedule your consultation today.

Event Managers

Our Coaches are your recipe for motivation, inspiration, and audience captivation; served with 7 different styles and ingredients. Shedding light on various social topics is their niche. Kindly email us with your requirements with an adequate time leading to your event.

Educational Sector

The best teachers are those who show you where to look; but don't tell you what to see. The 7 Coaches are here to provide University & High School students with the clarity needed in taking on the most decisive moments of their lives.

Corporate Sector

Bring out the best in your Managers & Employees. Equip your Sales Force with the right tools and motivation to surpass their own expectations. Get in touch with our Coaches for more details.

OUR Speakers

Anita Milovac

They say one person cannot be multi-faced into completely different directions. But this multitalented woman manages successf ully to combine her passions and talents under one roof! After graduating from the Johan-Wolfgang- von Goethe-University in Germany she has juggled her professional dancing career as a background dancer for various artists with her corporate career as an Events Manager. Anita has managed and executed a variety of international events such as the Formula 1 in Monaco and Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference and many more. Following her true calling, Anita is today a passionate Women Empowerment & Corporate Stress Management Coach. She guides & empowers people to get out of their comfort zone and lead life to their full potential. Her mission is to make this world a better place by inspiring women to follow their path and recognize their true power. She is also a dance teacher, motivational speaker and blogger for the Huffington Post Germany. Anita has Croatian roots. Her parents moved to Germany when she was 3 years old. Spending most of her life in Germany, she moved to Dubai in 2008. After being a resident in the Emirate for the past 7 years, she now lives between Europe and the Middle East. 3 Buzz Words about me World Traveler Sports freak Crazy Life Lover

Eid Al Mujaibel

Whatever you do in life, Master it! As a CPCC (certified Professional Co-Active Coach), a member of the ICF (International Coaching Federation), an NLP practitioner and former personal trainer, people and the human brain have always been something that fascinated Eid Al Mujaibel.

Growing up in Kuwait as a shy kid that loved asking questions and being curious about everything he loved- from going to the farm, riding his horse, and playing with his dog- Eid always had a passion for learning new things and pushing himself out of his comfort zone. At the age of 12 Eid was already a young entrepreneur buying and selling pigeons and dealing with men twice or even sometimes three times his age. He then joined horse riding competitions (jumping and marathons) and at one point competed in the Kuwait’s national youth team in billiards. In his late teen years, Eid got into health and fitness and so decided to become a personal trainer. He succeeded in working and training celebrities in Kuwait; helping them get in shape and live healthy lives. Just to top it off Eid loved dancing and was fascinated by how the mind and body work together.

Juggling all of these hobbies, Eid noticed how much he loved people and how much he loved learning and trying new things. What he really noticed was the mental impact he had on his clients as a personal trainer, which made him think and have one of those AHA! Moments. He decided that he was going to change his major completely; from working in the oil fields in Chemical Engineering to psychology and philosophy, which ultimately lead him to to Co-Active coaching.

Eid sought after acquiring the tools and skills to help him give people balance, clarity and purpose. His efforts led him on a journey of self-discovery and growth. He loved studying how the human mind functions, what makes each of us different and unique, and how crucial it is to master your mind for you to live the life you want.

Amazingly enough, Eid has also coined this Quote: “Your state determines your life”.

KelSEy Evans

Kelsey Evans, was born in a small town called Sale located in Manchester, England. She was born with proximal femoral focal deficiency which means her right femur is shorter than her left.

Kelsey went through extensive illizarov surgeries between the ages of 2 and 14 in the hope of adding 18cm to her right femur and eliminating the length deficiency. However, the surgeries were not a complete success and Kelsey wears a prothesis and uses the aid of a crutch.

Kelsey, determined not to let her disability affect her whole life, pursued her passion for law which provided her with the amazing opportunity to move to Dubai in 2015. Kelsey is a full-time Paralegal and graduated from the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives, England in 2016.

Kelsey went on to become a certified NLP Practitioner and incorporates this skill-set in the blogs on her website, www.lifewithalionheart.com.

Kelsey joined LifeTalksLive because she is interested in how our thoughts influence our decisions in life and is focused on helping others use their own thoughts to create a life of self-acceptance, love and happiness.

Faisal Zeineddine

Lebanese born, and raised between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia amongst 3 brothers, Faisal found himself living independently by the age of 17 as he moved to Beirut for his undergrad studies.

Growing up with a passion for sports and music, Faisal started University on a Basketball Scholarship. During which, he worked as a bus boy, tutor, data enterer, translator, and retail salesman throughout his 3 years of college. Two months before graduating with an Economics degree, Faisal signed his contract to start working with Nasco Insurance Group in Dubai at the age of 20.

Today, at 26, Faisal is an Account Manager at Nasco Qatar. Throughout the past 6 years Faisal decided to take sales to the next level, venturing into self-motivation seminars & the realm of NLP. Soon enough, Faisal became a Certified Life & NLP Coach, Time Paradigm Practitioner & Hypnotist.

Faisal’s coaching days started a decade ago whilst coaching a mini-league basketball team from ages 6 to 12. Nowadays, Faisal coaches individuals and uses NLP to elevate sales skills and motivational levels among trainees. In his day job, Faisal uses NLP techniques in sales, and in public speaking while conducting various presentations to hundreds of employees at a time.

Among other things, Faisal is a guitarist, writer, basketball player, scuba diver, adventurer, and an avid backpacker travelling the World. His latest travels through Eastern Asia have led Faisal through multiple Buddhist and Hindu temples setting him on an inspiring spiritual journey of meditation techniques & self-discovery.

It was on a starry night, alone, on a single cabin boat somewhere in the Indian Ocean, when Faisal’s need to connect and share - and realization of how many of people’s incredible thoughts & ideas fade away going unshared - gave birth to an inspiring goal to connect the world.

Welcome to LifeTalksLive.

Omar Alhegelan

Having lived in 5 different countries, Omar Alhegelan spoke 5 languages by the time he graduated from Georgetown University in 1989.

Along with a hand full of young & dynamic skydivers, through a lot of intensive training, positive energy & unparalleled vision; Omar Alhegelan pioneered the discipline, commonly referred to today as: Freefly skydiving.

In 1997 Omar started working towards the development of freeflying and its consequent acceptance into the skydiving community. By the year 2000 his commitment paid off & Freefly Skydiving became recognised by the F.A.I. / I.P.C. & I.O.C.

Omar Alhegelan has received every world & National title in the field of Freestyle Skydiving & has also been part of multiple Freefly Formation Skydiving World Records.

Omar's stunt work has taken him from Hollywood to Bollywood; he has even jumped out from one airplane & reentered another plane while in flight! He has been the skydiving stunt double for Sharuk Khan as well as Edward James Olmos. Not one to simply be content by jumping out of a plane at 13,00ft & landing at ground level over 17,000 times; Omar took part in the 1st Everest Skydive. After a 4 day trek to Syangboche, Nepal, the adrenaline adventure seeker jumped from 29,500ft & safely landed his parachute at 13,500ft., surrounded by the majestic peaks of the Himalayas.

In January 2010 his latest World Record endeavour took Omar to Dubai, U.A.E. in order to jump from the world's tallest building; The Burj Khalifa. He was also part of the UAE official delegation to the FAI/IPC meeting in Montenegro which successfully secured the 2012 bid for the Mondial.

2014 took Omar to the top of the World sponsored by Skydive Dubai while jumping over geographic North Pole.

2016 December to be precise, Omar’s dream to jump over the Arctic & Antarctic will finally be a reality. With most of his dreams accomplished; Omar has now set his time & energy into helping & guiding those around him. Following his 20+ years of coaching & mentoring, Alhegelan has added an education of NLP, Hypnosis, life coaching & timeline paradigm techniques practitioner to his repertoire.

“Over the past 3 decades I have worn many hats while living the life of a modern nomadic renaissance man. I’ve been a banker, a businessman, a restaurant owner/ operator, an executive producer, a world champion athlete, an educator, a stunt man, an artist, and an actor! 25 years later, I’ve compiled all this accumulated knowledge into one package: One internationally marketable asset. I now want to take this accumulated knowledge & help educate & heal the World around me.”

Fadi Gwanny

Born and raised in the Emirates, Fadi Gwanny grew up in a multicultural melting pot. With over 75 different nationalities at the American University in Dubai, Fadi began his journey with a BFA in Photography and an interest in different cultures and human emotional expressions; later to direct him to his passion for wedding photography.

Gwanny later moved back to his home country, Egypt, in 2006. Only to ignite a wave of wedding emotions and portraits that Egypt had never witnessed before. What was once considered a menial job with no sense of creativity has now become one of Egypt’s most prestigious, creative and admired professions, providing an artistic and self-employment opportunity for thousands of young men and women across the country.

Having accomplished such a high sense of purpose at an early age alongside of a creative studio and school in photography by 2009, Gwanny began a downslope as he began realizing a constant sense of incompletion and unfulfillment. He then began an ultimate search and journey for truth and a deeper understanding for the creative mind.

Driven by some circumstances, Gwanny found himself returning to his birth land, Emirates, in 2015, and subsequently attended a course in NLP, hypnosis, time paradigm and life coaching. Six months later he returned to Egypt with a new vision and deeper understanding of himself and life all together to begin a new initiation, Gwannian Creative Coaching Institute. Remaining in a constant state of deep search, Gwanny’s vision is to spread enlightenment and creative mastery across the world.

Shaden BOlbol

A Qualified Architect and CPCC Certified Life Coach based in Abu Dhabi. Shaden is the founder of Seeds for Change, a Life Coaching and Self Development Company. She is also founder of The Change Project, a community initiative, which hosts self-development seminars and workshops in Abu Dhabi. She is currently the Business Development Manager in Arabian Industrial LLC.

Life Coach, Architect - All are just labels attached to Shaden. Above all, Shaden is a human being that is deeply in touch with her humanity. Shaden believes in living a life of personal growth, compassion towards the self and others, and service to the world- why? Simply because peace is the answer and love is the way. Shaden believes that the power of the heart, with a little bit of courage from each of us, will create global peace and unity. She is a creative and intelligent woman who aims for excellence by putting her heart and soul into everything she does.

She is passionate about every little detail in her life. Shaden is an avid reader, gym junkie and traveler. There is nothing more she loves more than experiencing new people, places and things.

LifeTalksLive offers a lot more